Our approach involves delivering tailored training and consulting services rooted in Artificial Intelligence (AI).


By seamlessly integrating education with technology, we aim to reshape the future of learning,

Parent & Kids

fostering a harmonious alignment between children and parents in their educational journey.


We provide an innovative EdTech service that serves as a crucial link between teachers, students, and parents.

We are at the forefront of transforming the future of education by seamlessly integrating traditional learning with cutting-edge technology.

We are an Edtech company dedicated to researching and developing advanced technologies for the enhancement of education. Drawing upon our foundational expertise in e-Learning gained from diverse projects spanning kindergarten to high school training, we are actively engaged in the exploration and development of educational services leveraging emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our goal is to pursue collective success rather than individual achievements.
We prioritize the collective 'we' over individual 'I‘.

To share an apple among several people, the apple needs to be divided by the number of individuals. However, knowledge and experience multiply as they are shared. Therefore, at TekVille Education, we value 'we' more than 'I.' Perhaps this mindset will lead us to new and innovative ideas that haven't been explored in the world before.

Small but sharing consistently contributes positively to society.

We strive to fulfill our social responsibility in creating a better tomorrow. Every year, all executive employees participate in blood drives, contributing to blood supply chain. Additionally, we have been knitting hats for newborns on the other side of the globe during the winter season for several years now.

  • Teacherville

    Platform for teachers
    We support teachers and public education through an Edtech-based 'Teacher Support Platform.'

  • Teachermall

    Teacher only education mall
    It is the most school-centric educational support platform in the world.

  • Bumoschool

    Everything for Parents
    A comprehensive platform supporting parental and child growth and development.

  • Edtech Lab

    The convergence of Education and Technology
    We research and develop AI and Metaverse based content and platforms.

    Edtech Lab